We help you boost your revenues, grow and engage your audience, all while creating value without negatively impacting the user experience.

Our native advertising solutions offer you the opportunity to monetize premium content and manage your editorial decisions in the best way possible. Our non-intrusive format and clearly labeled multi-placements seamlessly integrate with the look and feel of your media.

Our technology and dedicated team will continuously work with you to get the best of our solutions.

Maximize Revenues.

Drive revenues across all devices, apps and newsletters.

  • Sponsored Content

    Monetize any kind of inventory, including your newsletters, with the most qualitative sponsored content marketplace in the industry. You can blacklist specific advertisers, campaigns or industries.

  • True Native Video

    Enhance your ad formats with Ligatus Motion. A new revenue source within the Programmatic Video Advertising industry, integrated with all major DSP’s.

  • Multi-placements.

    No limit but your imagination! You can implement all sorts of native placements to maximize your revenues and inventory: In Feed, In Read, End of Article, Side.

Maximize Revenues. Maximize Revenues.

Grow your Audience.

With our native advertising solutions, we help you acquire new audiences, retain current ones, and make better editorial decisions.

Editorial Decision Tools

Editorial Decision Tools

Make better and more informed decisions based on content recommendation performances. Use this data to drive your content acquisition program.

Attract New Subscribers

Attract New Subscribers

Use your dedicated seat on our DSP to buy external reach at a competitive price and use our retargeting feature to attract new subscribers.

 Increase Engagement.  Increase Engagement.

Increase Engagement.

Personalized experiences and relevant content recommendations.

  • Personalization & Relevance

    By using our Contextual Internal Recommendation solution you do not reduce your users to a certain interest profile, you actually offer them personalized and relevant content. You can play with different settings any time (relevance, performance, time period).

  • Native Feed

    The customized scrolling experience in a non-intrusive way. It enhances visibility without disrupting the natural reading flow; thus, creating a very positive effect on customer brand perception and engagement.

  • Content Promotion

    Promote your own content directly into our internal recommendation widget to drive traffic to specific areas of your website.

Our Network

Selective and transparent, our network is a synonym of quality, power and guarantee of brand safety.

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Our Engagement: Quality 1st!

  • Only premium advertisers: strict advertising guidelines.
  • Partnership with leading fraud prevention tool: Forensiq.
  • A strong commitment to transparency and integrity.
  • A guarantee of quality, power and brand safety, that will protect your brand and reputation.
  • Owned technology that focuses on maximizing audience & revenues.
  • A dedicated account manager for support and optimization.
Our Engagement: Quality 1st!
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