Ligatus partners with leading global Performance Marketing company Criteo for its Programmatic Native Platform

Ligatus, Europe’s #1 Native and Performance Network, today announced their transnational cooperation in the area of programmatic native with Criteo, the performance marketing technology company. Thereby Criteo joins the RTB platform of Ligatus for automated media buying – thus underlining the international relevance of this buying channel.

Cologne, September 6th, 2016 – Thanks to the cooperation, the clients of Criteo now have access to the overall inventory of the international Ligatus network in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Spain, Italy and Turkey and the worldwide IP audience via programmatic buying. The Ligatus network consists of more than 1,200 premium websites, generating about 31 billion ad impressions each month. The handpicked editorial partner sites have premium audiences with high conversion potential thus offering appropriate platforms for programmatic native campaigns. With its 31 offices across the Americas, EMEA and Asia-Pacific Criteo serves more than 12,000 advertisers worldwide and has direct relationships to 17,000 publishers.

Aly Nurmohamed, VP Global Publisher Strategy, Criteo: “Programmatic Native is internationally the growth market par excellence. About half of all digital transactions today happen across different devices, with smartphones playing an increasingly important role in the path to purchase. Native ads easily adapt to different screen sizes and thus perform very well. Thanks to the partnership with Ligatus our clients have now programmatic access to additional premium reach in key European markets for their native campaigns.“

Klaus Ludemann, CEO of Ligatus: “Thanks to the cooperation with Criteo now even more advertisers worldwide can access our inventory via programmatic buying. With the growing number of our DSP partners we establish programmatic buying as another relevant buying channel besides direct bookings and generate an increased demand for our inventory. This is also a benefit for our publishers who will thereby see an optimal monetization.“

With the entry into the programmatic native market in April 2016, Ligatus made its inventory accessible for a new customer segment which includes more than 20 trading desks, retargeters and mobile DSPs – AppNexus, BidSwitch and mediasmart already belong to the associated DSP platforms – and is driving forward the standardization of the buying process for native advertising formats at the same time.