For its tenth anniversary Ligatus presents itself with a new corporate identity as the #1 native and performance network in Europe

A new logo, an innovative colour scheme and a state of the art website relaunch not only provide a contemporary appeal but underscore the claim of Ligatus as international top of mind player and market leader for native and performance advertising. At the same time a simplification of the product portfolio with two major solutions – Content Promotion and Direct Response – highlights Ligatus service orientation and deep understanding of the market requirements.

Cologne, 1. September 2015 – In the past decade Ligatus has undergone a remarkable development. Started in 2005 as independent subsidiary of the OnVista Group in Germany, acquired by Gruner + Jahr in 2008, Ligatus started the successful internationalisation of its business model in 2009. Today, Ligatus is one of the leading players in Europe with more than 27 billion ad impressions per month on over 1,200 premium partner sites in nine countries and 150 employees across Europe. And Ligatus is a technological pioneer not only in the area of performance marketing but through the veeseo acquisition in 2014 became also a leader for high quality content recommendations. With its superior technology and its vast network across Europe, Ligatus is ideally prepared to cope with the massive shift in the online advertising market to native advertising and content marketing.

As a consequence, Ligatus takes its tenth anniversary as opportunity to reposition itself as one of the key international players in the sector. This is accompanied by a redesign of the Ligatus logo and corporate identity as well as a website relaunch ( – all reflecting this new positioning as 1st native and performance network in Europe.

The new logo is a pictogram – consisting of the prefix L in a circle – followed by the word Ligatus in capital letters. The pure shape and the bold font symbolise the simple and efficient Ligatus approach, based on its state of the art technology and client-oriented solutions which are constantly evolving, an exceptional service orientation and a long-standing experience.

Thus, the logo is also reflecting Ligatus claim to provide quality solutions for all performance-oriented native advertising needs. In parallel with the new Ligatus logo, the website has undergone a relaunch and is now responsive for desktops, tablets and mobile, like all products offered by Ligatus.

Furthermore, the new positioning is accompanied by a simplification of the Ligatus product portfolio, which has grown significantly in the past ten years with a wide range of different ad formats and product solutions. From now on, advertisers and content owners can use two key products: “Direct Response” to target the right person and let high-quality clicks convert into valuable leads and orders. And “Content Promotion” to drive traffic and engage the right audience while promoting content.

Klaus Ludemann, CEO of Ligatus: “Ligatus has the most experience in native advertising in Europe. But over the last decade, the company has changed significantly from being a local German entity to the leading international player in the growth areas of native advertising and content recommendations. This shift is reflected in our new corporate identity. The new contemporary look expresses our innovative spirit and our unique technical expertise. And with our leading solutions for Content Promotion and Direct Response our clients can meet all their performance KPI’s in one of the biggest native media networks in Europe.”

About Ligatus

Ligatus is a 100-percent subsidiary of Europe’s largest magazine publisher Gruner + Jahr in Hamburg and is focussing on the performance marketing business within the digital advertising department of Gruner + Jahr. Besides its headquarter in Germany the leading Premium Performance Marketing Vendor in Europe is active in Austria, Switzerland, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Spain, Italy and Turkey.

Using its own optimisation algorithm, Ligatus enables advertising clients and agencies to position their advertising messages intelligently so that they precisely match the respective target group. As a one-stop-shop, Ligatus offers its clients all kind of performance marketing measures, ranging from text-image-combinations, displays or pop-under solutions to retargeting. The invoicing mode, which is exclusively success-dependent, allows optimum cost control.

Across Europe, Ligatus delivers more than 27 billion ad impressions per month on over 1,200 Premium partner sites in nine countries.

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