Ligatus updates its programmatic native video offering with Ligatus Motion

On 17/10/2018 by Araceli Almada

Cologne, 17 October 2018: With Ligatus Motion, Europe’s leading native advertising solutions provider expands its programmatic native offering using a promising video format that is more engaging, information-based and profoundly targeted. This extension to Ligatus‘ product offering marks an industry-wide shift to personalized, more captivating and non-intrusive native ad formats, now including video. Other benefits include flexibility, ease of integration, and significantly higher revenues for publishers. 

Ligatus Motion presents an alternative approach for advertisers using video - created specifically for engagement via short-form content. The video initiates only when the player is in view, and pauses if the user keeps scrolling, only ever playing when truly in view, thus not falsifying reporting statistics. The short-form functionality is ideal to raise brand awareness, capture the attention of prospects - particularly on mobile - and has a higher completion rate to ensure brands share their full message with users. Sound accompanies the video only upon user choice. After completion, the player collapses automatically or can be closed by at any time for seamless transition. 

The new format is integrated across the Ligatus premium marketplace - to name a few: Le Monde, Il Sole 24 Ore,, Il Fatto Quotidiano,,,,,,,,,,,, – campaigns are available through a managed service or programmatically via your preferred DSP.

Ligatus’ entry into the video market comes at just the right time, when advertisers are looking to deliver their brand stories to a qualified, engaged audience in safe and transparent environments. In addition, Ligatus Motion has a visible CPM model to focus on metrics that marketers value, such as viewability and the length of the view, as well as help them avoid wasting their ad spend.

Andreas van de Ven, Chief Product Officer at Ligatus comments: “Ligatus Motion is a reflection of our mission to deliver positive advertising experiences for all parties. We know native video works, but only with the right approach can it reach its full potential. We’ve blended the latest technology with consumer insights to develop a format that is engaging, but leaves the user in control – so avoiding irritation. These ads are not forced – they appeal and encourage interaction for an enhanced user experience. As publishers seek tailored, non-intrusive ad formats that blend seamlessly with their content, we are seeing the adoption of native ads increase, notably video.”