Ligatus presents its new commercial organization

by Araceli Almada
Key element of the re-organisation is the bundling of all commercial activities under Julien Mosse, appointed as COO in autumn last year. The aim of the new setting is to harmonise the sales activities across the nine European countries where Ligatus operates its business and to become even more attractive for international customers – especially in the strategic growth market programmatic native. With the appointment of Victor Charpin as VP Publisher Development and Michel Hoekstra as VP Sales & Operations the restructuring has now been completed.

Cologne/Paris, February 7th, 2017 – In the past ten years, Ligatus, Europe’s leading native advertising and performance network, and a subsidiary of Gruner + Jahr, has successfully established its business in nine European countries: France, Germany, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands, Belgium, Turkey, Austria and Switzerland. In order to meet both national and international customer requirements even better, Julien Mosse was appointed Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Ligatus in September 2016.

Klaus Ludemann, CEO of Ligatus: “With the appointment of Julien Mosse as COO we have bundled all our commercial activities on a central level for even more market impact. The centralization allows us to harmonise the efforts of the nine countries. This also includes the coordination of our network activities or our approach to customers. Especially the growing number of international partners for our Programmatic Native Platform requires a central direction for all our sales activities to become even more attractive for international customers and campaigns.”

All Ligatus Managing Directors/Country Managers report to Julien Mosse. His former position as Managing Director for France has been taken over by Veronique Pican who became Country Manager for Ligatus France in November 2016. Already in October 2016, Patrick Schwanecke was appointed as new Managing Director D-A-CH. In the other countries Ligatus is operating in, the Ligatus Managing Directors respectively Country Managers are: Michel Hoekstra (Netherlands), Murat Kalafat (Turkey), Ben Doumen (Belgium), Maylis Chevalier (Spain) and Sebastiano Cappa (Italy).

In his new role as COO, Mosse also established two new international functions: As of January 1, 2017 he appointed Victor Charpin as VP Publisher Development and Michel Hoekstra as VP Sales & Operations in order to support the pan-European harmonisation process of the commercial activities. Special focus will be on all efforts related to the new Programmatic Native Platform of Ligatus. With AppNexus, Adform, Criteo, Sociomantic, Zebestof and others, Ligatus already gained key international players as DSP partners – negotiations with other international leaders are ongoing. In the future, the focus will also be on markets such as the UK, where Ligatus is not active yet.

Julien Mosse, COO of Ligatus: “In the past years, we have seen a growing demand for Programmatic Native on desktop and even more in mobile. In times of increased usage of ad blockers native ads can build better advertising experiences for consumers thus enabling meaningful consumer relationships. Recent forecasts also show this growing importance of native formats, which are predicted to provide 25 percent of ad revenues worldwide by 2018*. Other research reports indicate that 2016 was the first year in which programmatic consumed the majority of global digital display spend**. With the central bundling of our commercial activities we can push the positioning of Ligatus as leading native and performance network in Europe even better – especially since Michel Hoekstra and Victor Charpin are very familiar with Ligatus and the requirements of our market partners. Best conditions for outperforming our competitors!”

Michel Hoekstra started his digital career in 1999 in the agency Advance Interactive where he was responsible for the commercial strategy as Commerce Director. He joined Ligatus as Managing Director for the Netherlands in 2009 and played an important role in the development of the Ligatus business – in particular in the Dutch market. Since 2016, he is also in charge of developing the programmatic native offer. Besides his role as VP Sales & Operations Michel Hoekstra remains Managing Director of Ligatus Netherlands.

Victor Charpin has been working in the performance marketing business since 1999 and has always worked closely with publishers. He participated in the launch of display advertising, sponsored search, behavioural targeting and Native advertising in the French market, with a strong expertise in building relationships with Publishers. Charpin joined Ligatus in 2009 as Publisher Director for France. After accompanying the launch of Ligatus in France, Belgium, Spain and Italy he is now VP Publisher Development for the group.