Ligatus Netherlands enters new era with Nick Kalse as Managing Director

On 28/08/2018 by Araceli Almada

Hilversum, August 28, 2018 - Ligatus, the leading native advertising solutions provider, is pleased to announce the promotion of Nick Kalse to Managing Director for the Netherlands. 

Nick ascends to the role previously held by Michel Hoekstra, who stepped down after nine remarkable years at the company to pursue new endeavors. Beginning September 2nd, Kalse’s priorities will be to spearhead Ligatus’ business efforts in the Dutch market and develop revenue and margin, reporting directly to Chief Operating Officer, Julien Mosse.

Kalse brings great levels of innovation and growth to his move into a director role, being a valued member of the organization since his early days as a Graduate Intern. In his time at the company, he has also served as Campaign Manager, Senior Campaign Manager, and Head of Programmatic. As Head of Programmatic, Kalse was instrumental in the roll-out of the LiquidM system within Ligatus’ operations, serving as the first-point of contact between product management, LiquidM, and clients working with the Demand Side Platform. 

Due to the experience and know-how built up from his previous responsibilities, Nick has an extended view of the whole native advertising process, from buyer (advertiser) to seller (publisher) and everything in between. He will now play a more prominent role in positioning Ligatus as the premier solutions provider of programmatic native advertising in the Dutch market. 

Nick Kalse, Managing Director of Ligatus Netherlands, comments: "I feel honored and very thankful that I can take over Michel Hoekstra’s position as Managing Director of Ligatus Netherlands. As the market leader of the Dutch native advertising industry, it is our mission to help restore industry quality and deliver a better experience back to the consumer, while offering optimal placements for advertiser visibility and brand safety, as well as higher CPMs for publisher monetization. We will continue to work closely with our advertisers, publishers and integrated DSP’s, and further the excellent relationship we have with them.”  

Julien Mosse, Chief Operating Officer at Ligatus, adds: “We are very happy to recognize Nick’s contribution to our company’s success with this promotion. He has proven to be a key player to our growth, and the Dutch market is one that is growing rapidly and demanding programmatic platforms that drive interactive audiences through deeper insights, transparency in the buying process, and quality advertising for a better user experience. I have no doubt that with our high level of service under Nick’s direction, we will continue to enhance our strategic growth in the Netherlands and deliver premium advertising solutions to our existing and future clients.”