The Dutch customisable digital marketing Platform161 joins the Ligatus Programmatic Native Platform

On 12/04/2017 by Brigitte Goletz
Today Ligatus – the leading Native Advertising Solutions provider for Publishers and Advertisers – and Platform161 – one of the leading DSP for advertisers, agencies and publishers – announced their transnational partnership in the area of programmatic native. By joining the RTB platform of Ligatus, Platform161 is able to cover the growing demand for programmatic buying of high-quality advertising inventory.

Cologne, April 12, 2017 – As a result of this partnership, Platform161 buyers across various industries worldwide now have access to the overall inventory of the international Ligatus network in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Spain, Italy and Turkey and the worldwide IP audience via programmatic buying. The Ligatus network consists of more than 1,400 premium websites, generating about 37 billion ad impressions each month. The handpicked editorial partner sites have premium audiences with high conversion potential thus offering appropriate platforms for programmatic native campaigns. Platform161, with its headquarters in Amsterdam, has offices in Hamburg, Stockholm, Madrid, New York and in six cities in South America.

Themer Abourayan, Director of Product at Platform161: “The partnership with Ligatus supports our approach to maximize value for our buyers in one of the key international growth markets: Programmatic Native. Thanks to the partnership with Ligatus our clients now have programmatic access to additional premium reach in key European markets for their native campaigns on desktop and mobile.“

Julien Mosse, COO of Ligatus: “We are happy to welcome with Platform161 another important international player as DSP partner for our programmatic native platform. The growing number of worldwide advertisers accessing our inventory via programmatic buying generates not only an increased demand but also a benefit for our publishers who thereby get an optimal monetization.“