Planning Your Q1 Content Calendar

On 17/12/2018 by Araceli Almada

For many, the end of the year is a time to relax and stop shop. However, if you’re in the advertising business, it is the most essential period to strategize new campaigns, improve your tactics, and grow in the year ahead. To help craft your 2019 marketing plan and achieve those campaign goals, we’ve layed out some tips for the most important Q1 shopping dates. Champion your brand by adhering to your audience’s journey, and win those leads!

New Year’s Tip: It’s a time for new beginnings. People seek richer and more personalized information in their discovery to start a new experience. This sensation gives them the desire to be educated and informed early in their journey. So, how do you become part of their consideration? Understand how, where, and why your audience is researching every stage of their journey so you can better educate and engage them. Assist them in their decision process by targeting the right creative and messaging based on their behavioral action. Promote topical content, peer experiences, and create efficient click paths to make it easy for prospects to see the value you deliver. Give them reason to be excited for the experience you can give them in a new year.

Winter Sales Tip: Christmas may have ended, but winter sales are just around the corner! Advertisers tend to cut their ad spend in January due to fewer consumer dollars, leading to less competition for inventory and a reduced bid price. We say that makes it the perfect time to advertise more! Increase your visibility before the market becomes hyper competitive to make your ad both a performance and branding play. It’s also a great time to retarget past visitors to your page and generate buzz to new users about the value your brand can offer. Then, engage in promotional native ads to incentivize your audience to take action. Inform before you promote discounts! 

Chinese New Year Tip: Chinese New Year isn’t limited to companies operating within China. In fact, it’s celebrated by one-quarter of the world, with an audience very much into health, fitness, and tourism. Smart brands will connect with their audience by applying the sentiments of family, desires, and traveling for the holidays. Whether you are a travel agency, retailer, or any business, there lies the opportunity to not only target Chinese communities around the world, but others that attach themselves to those same sentiments. Lean on the side of emotion that includes Chinese New Year characteristics to engage wider audiences that others may not see.

Valentine’s Day Tip: What’s the cost of love? We’ll leave that to you to divulge to your loved one, but Valentine’s Day is the fourth largest holiday for consumer spending in Europe. Whether you advertise jewelry, flowers, hospitality, confectionaries, or anything else, you have a spot in consumers’ hearts if you advertise it right. Be authentic on a day that evokes expressions of affection among relatives, friends, and partners. Valentine’s Day is about singles as much as it is about couples when it comes to consumer spending. Appeal to your audience by captivating the loving, cynical, or serious side of the occasion. The goal is to gain consumer trust so that you can take part in their meaningful memories.

International Women’s Day Tip: International Women’s Day is a day that celebrates the achievement of women across the world in social, economic, cultural, and political development. But when is it appropriate for a brand to advertise on an awareness day like International Women’s Day? If your marketing campaign is going to promote empowering and inspiring messages for women, make sure to check if your company is actually living by feminist standards in order to avoid backlash. Is your company culture one that breaks down gender norms and encourages self-expression? If so, enhance your reputation and consumer loyalty by showing the world your company stands up for these values. 

World Storytelling Day Tip: World Storytelling Day is celebrated every year on March equinox, sharing stories in as many languages and at as many places as possible. So, why not add to those places by sharing your story where audiences are most present: online. The best advertising is about telling a story that connects with audiences, evokes emotion, and creates a personal attachment given a brand’s persona. Content is always king, and native advertising allows you to reach your target audience online in ways that tie together positive and value-driven experiences to deepen the relationship between yourself and your audience. The most meaningful stories are not only the most emotionally engaging, but the most profitable.