Are in-feed ads drivers of performance?

On 17/05/2017 by Araceli Almada

Largely favored by the market, the in-feed format demonstrates strong assets and benefits for both advertisers and publishers. Therefore we want to share with you our thoughts on this subject.

Native advertising: in-feed, in-article or bottom article? 

All are native placements. Native can have many different shapes and sizes, but under two conditions: it needs to match with the surrounding editorial feed and not disrupt the user experience. From there, in-feed is an additional resource to increase visibility and generate revenues. 

In-feed, for greater visibility and better profitability

From both advertiser and publisher perspectives, this placement is largely favored due to a strong promise of volume and monetization. By tailoring the promoted content within the editorial feed this format allows the ad to be displayed to a larger audience. Hence, by increasing visibility you automatically enhance your Click Through Rate. 

A higher CTR is a huge part of the equation for both branding or performance KPIs:

  • On the advertiser’s side, higher CTR will show the attractiveness of your ad and build up brand interest. It will also largely contribute to optimise costs as higher the CTR, lower the CPC can be. 
  • On the publisher's side, increasing your CTR will help you get a higher CPM which will optimize the monetization of your website and speed up your profitability. 

Leverage your brand and inventory

Whether your ad is display in-home, in-article or in bottom article, the customized and non-intrusive format defining by essence native, will enhance visibility without disrupting the natural reading flow. Thus, creating a very positive effect on customer brand perception and engagement.

Our conclusion is that while users are discovering content and stories the in-feed ads are a great solution for both advertisers to influence brand perception and for publishers to monetize better their inventory.

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