7 essential tips for content marketing campaigns

On 05/04/2017 by Araceli Almada

Launching a content marketing campaign is a long run strategy, so you should bet on delivering great quality content to forge a deeper connection with your audience. 

We recommend the following 7 tips so you can increase your brand awareness, engage your audience and build successful content marketing campaigns: 

1.KNOW YOUR GOALS - Be clear on what you want to achieve with your content marketing campaign. By being specific as to what your goals are, will help you to develop and execute your campaigns more effectively. 

2.DON’T FORGET YOUR CUSTOMER - Think and design your campaign around the final benefit for your customer. Any content that doesn’t serve the needs and interests of your target audience will be perceived as a waste of time and an insult.

3.CREATE AN EMOTIONAL CONNECTION - Focus your campaigns on the benefits and emotions you provide. Your message should be consistent to be able to engage your audience and eventually convert them to customers. 

4.BE RELEVANT - You only have a few seconds for the reader’s curiosity to be aroused and be captivated by your content. Provide relevant and interesting content to connect with the audience and trigger attention. 

5.LESS IS MORE - In today’s world, readers are often impatient and want a quick understanding of your content. Therefore, address your audience directly and use simple words in your ads to help them understand your value proposition.

6.USE A POWERFUL TITLE - Strong and short headlines will influence the impact of your content. You can use keywords, include numbers or statistics if possible, use simple language, but most of all keep it honest. You can play with the font and the size, but remember to keep it as short and genuine as possible! 

7.DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE YOUR VISUALS - As the saying goes an image is worth more than a thousand words. This is so true if you want to engage your audience. A recent study* shows that content featuring compelling images averages 94% more total views.

At Ligatus, we know that what separates great content marketers from the rest is that they genuinely care about the quality of the content they produce, the people that they help and the customer service they provide.

So what are you waiting for? Bring your content marketing campaigns to the next level and let us know how we can help! Contact Us.

*Source: http://heidicohen.com/5-facts-prove-visual-content-is-a-guaranteed-winner/