5 tips for successfully distributing your content

On 29/03/2017 by Araceli Almada

Content creation is now considered by a large majority of marketers as a huge leverage of performance. But equally as important or maybe even more today, is the distribution of the content.

“Content marketing is no longer the king, but distribution is”.

Here are 5 tips to help with your Content Distribution strategy:

1 – Choose the right advertising format

First, you need to choose the right advertising format for your content. The current online user experience is highly deteriorated because of the amount of advertising there is. You should focus on non-intrusive advertising formats which are much more appreciated by users. This is also a much better way to deliver higher quality advertising and an answer to avoid the use of ad-blockers.

2 – Select quality networks

Make sure your ads do not appear in a context that can damage your brand. For this purpose, choose an ad network that partners with premium publishers. Their reputation will definitely have an impact from which you will benefit: higher visibility rates and lower levels of invalid traffic. Also the perception of the quality of your ads will depend on the editorial environment that surrounds it. 

Don’t forget about Brand Safety. You should pay attention to the types of advertisers that will be next to yours. You will be taken more seriously if quality content is nearby, instead of click baits. Hence a premium publisher’s environment is more likely to suit you.

Advertising vs. clickbaits: why choose quality over quantity?

Choose pages that offer several placements. You will be able to reach your target audience by multiplying the contact points.

3 – Make sure your ads can match the audience interests

According to MarketingLand, 60% of web users prefer offers that are targeted to what they are doing, which means they are ok with advertising if it matches their interests. Choose solutions that propose Semantic Matching, as it will allow your ad to appear on pages that contain the right keywords. By targeting your audience according to their interest you will be able to grab their attention and connect with them easier.

4 – Choose channels that optimize your ROI

Content marketing adapts to each step of the marketing funnel, but distribution is different. Your qualified audience gets narrower as you go deeper into the funnel. So, while display channels will work for brand awareness you will favor engagement and conversion with search and retargeting channels. Whether it is branding or performance that you are looking for, make sure you pick the right channels according to your goals.

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5 – Measuring your performance 

To know if your distribution strategy is working or not, you should measure your results. This sounds obvious but there are still many marketers that forget to consider the right performance metrics. Before you start measuring make sure you have set your goals. This is very important as this is what you will compare your results to and check whether your distribution strategy is successful or not. 

Here is what you need to consider to measure your strategy for each channel: 


User behavior on your page. Are they engaging, consuming, sharing your content or not?

And if you are looking for conversions, don’t forget to measure leads and eventually sales leads.

If there is something we have learned is that it is better to start small. You don’t need to measure everything all at once. Start by measuring something that is easy for you and take it from there.

At the end, Content is important but Distribution is what will drive real results. Do you need a hand to distribute your content? Let us know.