4 principles to follow for “Safe” Branded Content!

On 27/04/2017 by Véronique Pican

Branded content has matured, consumers have changed, as well as the requirements from brands!

Offering an unconventional experience and getting coverage in different media channels is not enough. It is no longer about delivering branded content that serves, informs or entertains in a vertical or horizontal way, but about how you need to engage consumers sustainably. You should place them at the center with personalized messages, that are in line with their values ​​and within their own ecosystem.

Today you have to convince better, faster (remember the famous first 6 seconds to capture attention). To rely on “safe” branded content above all means to respect these 4 principles:

  • Think about contentS in plural and identify key target audiences. Not only to have them interact but also act… Too often a piece of content triggers social enthusiasm and fuels conversation, but the message doesn’t necessarily make the target audience act. 

  • Branded content is not relevant without clear KPIs. Whether the objective is branding or performance, your branded content must contribute to increase the time spent between the consumer and your brand. It must attract your prospect’s attention or reinforce the relationship with your client.

  • The formats and writing styles must be Native. The format should be responsive and integrated within the editorial flow. There should be no ambiguity of who the sender of the message is. The writing style should have the right codes (text / photos), good interactivity and adapt to the right devices. An editorial policy is built over time so that brand recognition can reach maximum efficiency.

  • A powerful and contextual distribution. Once you produce your content, you must invest to amplify your reach (the 80/20 rule). Also, be sure to make the difference between social channels (most based on UGC, hence riskier) and media channels, which will be more in line with brand safety requirements.

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