10 Dating Do’s and Don’ts that Apply to Your Native Advertising Strategy

On 04/02/2019 by Araceli Almada

Finding true love isn’t easy unless Cupid blesses you with the strike of his arrow, promising eternal happiness and endless bliss. While we aren't infant archers, we know what it's like to get right to the heart of things. So, in the name of love, we're sharing a few of our own pointed tips to help you find your ideal match. That’s right, dating rules can apply to your native advertising campaigns and its best practices. 

Here are 10 do’s and don’ts to make a good impression and move on to that second date!


Do turn up on time: In the same way you should never keep your date waiting, show that you respect the experience by promoting the right message at the right time. Your goal should be to create meaningful memories together, so prove you're sincere by being there for the right moments!

Do listen more and keep it fresh: Trying to build a connection with someone is useless unless you talk to them accordingly. Move the conversation forward by listening, respecting, and engaging with the other. Advertising is the same; you can only move the conversation forward by keeping them energized rather than fatigued. 

Do spark a dialogue: Emotion is a catalyst for dialogue, and it’s the use of dialogue that builds trust in a relationship. In the end, a customer will choose to engage with - or revolt against - your ad depending on whether you incite a participatory and meaningful interaction - or interrupt with a one-way sales pitch.

Do respect privacy: Respect the natural progression of intimacy; doing so relieves any unnecessary pressure and forges a connection that is more desirable. Start by asking only for the most essential information when the customer has reached your landing page. If they want to build off the momentum created, they’ll be open to sharing more in due time. 

Do think long term: If you’re in it for the right reasons, then you know it’s a marathon, not a sprint. Your goal should be to establish a connection deep enough that it is sustainable. In advertising words, leverage the emotional connection with your audience to strengthen brand association and keep them coming back as repeat customers. 


Don’t let one rejection ruin your confidence: If falling in love was so easy, everyone would do so. It’s supposed to be hard! Not every ad is going to develop as you expect, so invest the time in building the relationship. Sooner than you know it, you may find true engagement.

Don’t use cheesy pickup lines: Using a pickup line to snag your customer is admitting you aren’t good enough. The problem with this method is that it represents a lack of confidence and integrity because you convey something you don’t mean or can't uphold. Attract without using clickbait!

Don’t only talk about yourself: Your date won’t last long if you only talk about yourself. Your choice is two-way or no way, so stop the sales pitch and create positive interaction by establishing a rapport with one another. That’s the only method to be effective with your content marketing strategy in today’s advertising clutter.

Don’t invade personal space: We all have limits on personal space, so there’s no need to be intrusive. The way your audience experiences your brand message determines how far they go through the marketing funnel. Understand which messages, channels, and formats are most effective to deliver the best experience possible.

Don’t try to seal the deal too soon: You can’t force your way into their hearts, so don’t be too forward when a relationship is only just beginning. It’s a campaign that you should want to continue, not end in a quick fling. 

Finding Mr. or Mrs. Right isn't easy, but doing so for your brand is key to building a lasting connection. In many ways, this is why advertising is like dating. Contact us to learn more on how to reach and connect with your audience using native advertising.

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