These limitations on liability apply for the Internet offerings of Ligatus GmbH, Christophstraße 19, 50670 Cologne, Germany (hereinafter “Ligatus”) and for the websites and microsites or other offers information operated by Ligatus for its customers. This exclusion of liability is to be understood as a part of the corresponding web page from which this page was directly linked (e.g. under “Legal Notice” or “Disclaimer”).

By using the aforementioned web offerings, you are accepting the following


The contents made available on the websites are reliable and carefully compiled on the basis of our customer information. However, Ligatus provides no warranty for the completeness, correctness, and accuracy of any information on the websites.

Ligatus functions purely as a technical service provider in that Ligatus creates web and microsites on behalf and according to the wishes of its customers and makes them technically available to be accessed via the internet. The company undertaking the advertising is solely responsible for all contents as well as the accuracy of the information provided; the names and addresses of these companies may be found in the legal notice and data protection declaration of their respective websites.

Under no circumstances shall Ligatus assume liability for imprecise contents, errors, or delays, nor for missing information or its inaccurate transmission, nor for any resulting losses. In particular, Ligatus assumes no responsibility for events outside its control (force majeure).

Ligatus provides no advice or consultancy services with regard to the purchase or sale of financial products.

The contents of all the aforementioned websites serve only to provide you with information, and do not constitute investment advice or a recommendation or invitation to purchase or sell the products in question. Financial transactions involve risks of which you should be aware, and regarding which you should consult a professional investment advisor. Please consult a trusted bank prior to engaging in any transactions involving the financial products presented herein!

Any recommendations made consist of summaries and comparisons which are based on information provided by vendors not working on behalf of Ligatus and over which Ligatus has no influence.

The opinions and appraisals contained in the recommendations do not necessarily reflect the opinion of Ligatus. Ligatus reserves the right to make changes at any time and without prior notice. The historical data provided does not constitute any prediction of future developments.

No contractual relationship

Use of the internet offerings of Ligatus or of the web and microsites or other information offerings provided by Ligatus on behalf of its customers does not establish any contractual relationship, in particular no consulting or informational agreement, between you and Ligatus. Accordingly, no contractual, precontractual, or quasicontractual claims against Ligatus can arise.

Exclusion of liability

Purely as a precautionary measure in the event that, despite the above provisions to the contrary, the use of our web pages should in fact lead to the conclusion of a contractual agreement, any liability of Ligatus on any legal grounds whatsoever is hereby excluded, with the exception of a violation by Ligatus of material contractual obligations.

Ligatus’ liability for tortious acts or gross negligence remains unaffected.

Ligatus shall be liable without limitation for loss of life, physical injury, or injury to health.

Industrial property rights

All trademarks mentioned in the Internet offerings and protected by Ligatus or by third parties are subject without limitation to the provisions of applicable trademark law and the rights of the registered holder. A mere mention does not justify a conclusion that trademarks are not protected by third-party rights.

The copyright for published works created by Ligatus itself remains with Ligatus. The reproduction or use of such graphical images, multimedia documents, and texts in other electronic or printed publications is not permitted, except with the explicit consent of Ligatus. The same applies with regard to the contents of Ligatus’s customers or other third parties, insofar as these hold the copyright to contents of the websites. The copying, downloading, dissemination and distribution as well as the storage of the contents of any and all of the websites is, excepting cache storage when visiting a site, not permitted without the express consent of Ligatus. The automatic querying of any Web offerings in any form is also not permitted without the explicit consent of Ligatus insofar as such querying could affect the functioning or availability of the web offerings. Violators shall face civil and, if necessary, criminal penalties.

Linking and framing

The contents of third-party websites to which a link is provided by Ligatus do not constitute part of the offerings of Ligatus, unless specifically so stated. The contents of all third-party websites, in particular such sites

  • linked to from Ligatus’s websites or from web or microsites of Ligatus’s customers,
  • to which Ligatus’s websites have provided a link in Ligatus’s own “look and feel” (framing),
  • which include in their Internet offering a link to the websites of Ligatus, or to the web and microsites of Ligatus’s customers, or
  • which link to the offerings of Ligatus’s websites or the web and microsites of its customers in their own “look and feel”

are not subject to the influence and control of Ligatus. Ligatus disclaims all liability for losses or obligations related to the use of these third-party websites.

Ligatus is therefore not responsible for the contents, availability, correctness, or accuracy of these websites, nor for their offerings, links, or advertisements.

Ligatus exerts its best efforts to provide links only to proper and legal third-party contents. However, it is not always possible to completely monitor the origin and contents of these websites after a link is created and determine whether any changes have been made.


Insofar as portions of or individual statements in this disclaims should become or be found to be invalid, the content and validity of the remaining portions of this document shall remain unaffected thereby.

Status as of October 2014

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